Dean Construction Co. Ltd. is one of the Foremost Deep Foundation & Marine Construction companies in the Great Lakes Region.
Currently celebrating our 70th year!
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Celebrating 70 Years!


We have completed contracts for government agencies and large industrial clients to remove and dispose of contaminated sediments from the St. Clair River, the Livingstone Channel and industrial harbours elsewhere in the Great Lakes.


We have developed systems and equipment which have been tested, proven and documented to protect the environment, even during large-scale marine drilling and blasting applications.
Heightened international concern over the poor quality of the Great Lakes has focused attention on the need to reduce pollution, contain or remove contaminated sediment and remediate our environment.


Dean has also aided in the protection and restoration of environmentally sensitive wetlands, fish habitats and recreational areas through the construction of sediment traps, fish ladders, artificial reefs, spawning areas, and beach sills.


Dean Construction has also built recreational marinas, mooring facilities, industrial wharves, tanker berths and other marine structures for many of the largest companies in and around the Great Lakes. Our experienced crews also specialize in marine pipeline, pile driving, shoreline protection, water intakes and outfalls, cofferdams, dam refurbishment and numerous other marine/heavy construction related projects.


Dredging, Deep Foundation, Marinas, Shoreline Protection, Evironmental Works, Vertical Shaft Installations.
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Dean Construction Company Limited incorporated in 1947, a family owned business proud of its long history. In fact our beginnings can be traced further back to 1926!